cheese makers
since 1974

Tradition and innovation intertwine in the skilled hands of our master cheese makers. Each product tells a story of quality, from the fresh goodness of Puglia to your table. We celebrate the authentic taste of 100% Italian milk, crafted with artisanal dedication.

Apulia's Goodness.

"Perina. Good from Puglia" evokes the image of a dairy deeply rooted in the fertile, sun-kissed lands of Puglia, where passion and craftsmanship breathe life into exceptional cheeses. Here, each mozzarella, ricotta, and scamorza is more than just cheese: it is a piece of Puglia, a fragment of a story that speaks of love for the land and tradition.

Since 1974, the Perina family has committed its artisanal expertise to create cheeses of unmatched quality. Our philosophy is based on the exclusive use of 100% Italian raw milk, ensuring that each product embodies the best of national cheese-making traditions.

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From the heart
of Puglia
to your table

At Caseificio Andriese Perina, every product tells a story of dedication and love for quality. Since 1974, we have been committed to keeping the art of traditional cheesemaking alive, skillfully combining it with innovations that respect the authenticity of flavors. 

Each cheese is produced adhering to the highest quality standards, evidenced by our constant commitment to selecting the finest raw materials and a production process that follows artisanal methods. This is what makes the products of Caseificio Andriese Perina unique: a passion for excellence and an unbreakable bond with the land of Puglia.

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Each cheese is a masterpiece, made with 100% Italian raw milk, following traditional methods that respect both nature and animal welfare. From field to table, our commitment is to ensure not only taste and superior quality, but also the safety of a genuine and sustainable product.

from 100%
Italian milk

At Caseificio Andriese Perina, quality starts at the source: we exclusively use 100% Italian milk, sourced from selected suppliers with whom we share a commitment to excellence and sustainability. By choosing Italian milk, we not only support the local economy, but also guarantee our customers a product that carries the values of tradition and superior Italian quality.