as a Principle

Love at the first taste

In the heart of Apulia's vibrant tradition, the craft of stretched-curd cheese making stands as a beacon of artisanal excellence. In this sacred flavor dance, master cheesemakers, heirs of wisdom passed through generations, shape masterpieces with distinctive taste. Their hands, driven by experience and boundless passion, weave tales of flavor into every soft weave of mozzarella and every creamy swirl of burrata.

Perina represents artisanal quality, shaping raw materials with almost holy care. Each piece is an art form, a testament to absolute dedication and deep love for craftsmanship, ensuring not just flavor but also a piece of Andria's soul is conveyed to those who savor it.

This is not just food; it's the legacy of a family tradition, a story of a rich culture, honoring its past and embracing a future where tradition and innovation harmoniously blend.

A Certified Delight

At Caseificio Andriese Perina, quality is an undeniable priority. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the multiple certifications obtained by the company, testimony to its dedication to safety, the environment, and the quality of its dairy products.

The ISO 9001 certification is an international recognition of the company's quality management processes. It attests that Caseificio Andriese Perina has implemented effective management systems, thus ensuring the consistency and high quality of its dairy products.

Furthermore, Caseificio Andriese Perina has obtained the ISO 14001 certification, which attests to its commitment to environmental sustainability. This international standard ensures that the company adopts responsible practices to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, thus contributing to the conservation of our planet for future generations.

But the commitment of Caseificio Andriese Perina is not limited to quality and the environment; the company also dedicates itself to the safety and well-being of its employees. The ISO 45001 certification attests to compliance with international standards for health and safety management in the workplace. This demonstrates the company's commitment to creating a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees.

The recognitions
for our work

Our numerous awards attest to the dedication we devote to our craft. From industry accolades to feedback from our customers, each recognition fuels our passion for excellence.

Premio Industria Felix 2019/2023

The 'Premio Industria Felix' is an award conferred in Italy to companies and productive entities that stand out for excellence, innovation, and significant contribution to the economic and social development of the territory.

World Cheese Awards

The 'World Cheese Awards' is an annual international competition that celebrates excellence in the cheese industry. It is one of the largest and most prestigious cheese competitions in the world, where thousands of producers from around the globe present their best creations to be judged by an expert panel of judges.

Gambero Rosso - Top ten migliori mozzarelle italiane

The mozzarella produced by our dairy has recently been included in the prestigious 'Top 10' by Gambero Rosso, an accolade that celebrates excellence in the Italian culinary scene. This prestigious achievement attests to our constant commitment to quality and craftsmanship in our dairy products.